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How to Build YOUR Old MacDonald Packet

OldMacDonald Preview.jpg


Thank you for your for stopping! You have found a tutorial on how to make my latest (and favorite) song packet. I put hours upon hours of thought and love into this product. I hope this step-by-step pictorial helps simplify your experience. Cheers!


1. Print the desired pages


2. Cut out the animals, lyrics pages, and fence. only cut the fence along the DOTTED line.



3. Laminate everything.

file2-1   file1-2


3. Fold the fence and background along the SOLID lines and place under heavy books.

file3-1    file7


4. Make the pocket. Line up the creased fence with the bottom of the background. You can wrap the edges around as well for added security.


5. Glue the folded portions of the fence to the back of the background.



6. Velcro anything you want and go to town!




Thank you again for purchasing my product. I hope your kids get a kick out of it and much learning is had. As always, I welcome your feedback! Happy singing, everyone!

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