Learn more about the Ultimate R Minis or shop now at: https://www.speechtreeco.com/products/ultimater

The Ultimate R Minis kit comes with over 190 carefully selected target minis from 10 different categories: elicitation, prevocalic R, R blends, EAR, AR, AIR, IRE, OR, ER, and “challenge” R. It also comes with a 120+ page download of companion activities and worksheets to make using your minis in therapy even more easy and fun!



Shop now at https://www.speechtreeco.com/products/ultimater

This comprehensive and engaging kit is the perfect addition to your SLP toolbox.
This R kit stands out from many other R resources because the target words (and minis) are broken down into different types of R – R is not just one sound!

The minis represent carefully selected target words for one of 10 R categories.

Categories of R included
▪️Elicitation (minis that serve as visual representations of various elicitation techniques)
▪️Prevocalic R
▪️R Blends
▪️Challenge R (words that contain R in more than one position (e.g., burger) and/or words that are generally more challenging (e.g., girl / world)).

What is included with my purchase?
💛 Over 190 mini objects containing the R sound
💛 Adorable and convenient storage bags to keep your minis organized. (11 storage bags in total).
💛 HUGE PDF with worksheets and activities to get the most out of your R minis. Examples of activities included in this PDF: mad libs incorporating your minis, carrier phrases, bingo cards to use with your minis, drill sheets, elicitation ideas, dice games, and so much more!

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