First of all, I would love to say a big ol’ THANK YOU for visiting my website/blog/labor of love. I am Lindsey, a licensed Speech Language Pathologist practicing in a private pediatric clinic in Texas. I love my job both on days when it brings me amazing joy and on days where it makes my brain feel like jelly.

I am engaged to my wonderful fiance, Eric. We met in marching band in college (mega nerds – go band!) and have been together for over 5 years. We spend our time making terrible puns, planning on cooking healthier and then eating the sam ol’ thing, and watching way too much television. We have a feisty furball named LuLu who joins us as she pleases. (She’s a cat.)

This year between my full-time clinic job, SpeechyThings, making our new house a home, and planning a wedding… I will be drinking *ALL* the coffee. So cheers to you speechy people and to all the speechy things!