First of all, I would love to say a big ol’ THANK YOU for visiting my website/blog/labor of love. I am Lindsey, a licensed Speech Language Pathologist practicing in a private pediatric clinic in Texas. I love my job both on days when it brings me amazing joy and on days where it makes my brain feel like jelly.

I met my husband, Eric, in marching band in college and we got hitched March 2018. We spend our days making terrible puns, planning on cooking healthier and then eating the same ol’ thing, and watching way too much television. We have a feisty furball named LuLu who joins us as she pleases.

(note the claws in my couch?)

Although I am a self-identifying cat lady, I am also obsessed with the newest addition to our family. This is Kaiser, our one-year-old German Shepherd. He is the sweetest, goofiest little pup! Just look at that face! Such a good boy.

This year between my full-time clinic job, Speechy Things, making our new house a home, and keeping the piece between an 85lb puppy and a grump cat… I will be drinking *ALL* the coffee… and probably some wine. So cheers to you, speechy people, and to all the speechy things!

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