Talk Like a Pirate Day Speech Therapy Ideas

As an “R sound” specialist… you can imagine how excited I get about September 19th each year. You may be asking yourself… “is it Lindsey’s birthday?” Nope, sure isn’t. It’s something better


In honor of this SUPER FUN holiday, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pirate-themed speech therapy resources. Arrrre you ready? (get it?)

YO HO HO, here we go!

Pirate Adventure Hide & Find for Mixed Groups from Speechy Things

Pirate Open-Ended Mystery Tile Speech Therapy Game from Kiwi Speech

R is for Resonant Voice Pirate Game: Pirate Game from Kristie Voice / A Tempo Voice Center

Fine Motor Pirate Tracers for Speech Therapy from Texas Speech Mom

Pirate Themed Speech Therapy Barrier Game from Allison Fors

Pirate Themed Stamp n’ Say Speech Therapy Activity from The SLT Scrapbook

Pirate R Articulation Adventure Speech Therapy Boom Cards from Power Speech and Language

Pirate Themed Articulation Game from KI Speech Therapy

Or how about some FREEBIES, matey?

Pirate R Phrases Freebie from the Speechy Things VIP Freebie Library

Pirate Adventure Freebie from Speechy Things

Have fun, ye scalawags!

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