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Join the VIPs for Therapy ideas, freebies, and more!

FAQ & Trouble-Shooting for Special Interest Speech & Language Resources

I will update this FAQ as new tips arise. You may always email me at or contact TpT Support for help, but this page will be the fastest way to get you up and running! Thank you so much for your support!



My resource isn’t working properly.

Please be sure that you are opening your resource in Adobe Acrobat. You can download this resource for free be clicking here.

I am opening the resource in Adobe Acrobat but it still isn’t working.

Please be sure you have updated your program.

My images are showing up with white/gray/black backgrounds.

If you are using Adobe Pro, using a transparent PNG file should allow you to have no background on your uploaded images.

If you are using the free version of adobe, it is recommended that you use PNG or JPEG files with a white background so your images are easiest to see throughout the resource.

My JPEG files aren’t working.

You may need to save the images as PNG files. Some computers seem to not allow JPEGs to be uploaded. I will update this FAQ if I figure out why.

Is there a limit to how many versions of this resource I can save?

NO! Feel free to save each new version you create for future use. Just please remember your license allows this product to be used by ONE PROFESSIONAL only. Sharing it with your colleagues is illegal.

Join the VIPs for therapy ideas, freebies, and more!