Rock The R 2021 Recap

Rock the R is a week of tips, IG Lives and FREEBIES hosted on my Instagram page. The event occurred Aug 9-13, 2021. You can catch replays of the Instagram Lives here! If you are wanting more R tips and freebies (can you ever really have enough??) then be sure to join my VIPs to get access to my freebie library and helpful emails!

Below I have linked the blog posts, resources, and freebies that were mentioned during Rock the R Instagram Lives. Please check them out and rock on, friends!

Day 1: Kristin from Kiwi Speech

Topic: Top Tips for Older Studnets

Catch the replay HERE

Resource: Articulation Puzzles & Brain Teasers

Resource: Growth Mindset

Blog: Top Strategies and Activities for Targeting Articulation with Older Students

Blog: Why You Need to Be Working on Tension in R Therapy (and How to Do it!)

Freebie: R Tension Booklet

Resource: Virtual Speech Rooms

Resource: Eliciting R (Speechy Things)

Resource: Articulation Battle Game for Carryover (Adventures in Speech Pathology)

Resource: All About Me Get to Know You (Stacy Crouse)

Day 2: Rebecca from Adventures in Speech Pathology

Topic: Unique Approaches to Elicitation

Catch the replay HERE

Resource: Vowel Chart Freebie

Resource: Articulation Cards

Video: Bunched vs Retroflex (Speechy Things)

Day 3: Karen from The Pedi Speechie

Topic: OMT

Catch the replay HERE

Resource: Correct that R

Day 4: Amy from Graham Speech Therapy

Topic: Top Tip for Elicitation (tell them you’re not working on R)

Catch the replay HERE

Video: Treatment Video of “New Sound” R Tip

Day 4: Lindsey from Speechy Things

Topic: Top Tips for Carryover and Q&A

Catch the replay HERE

Resource: Teaching R

Resource: Eliciting R

Waitlist: R Carryover Pack (coming soon)

Blog: Advice for your CFY

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