The therapy planning is done for you with this game. This resource is easy to prep, provides gross motor breaks, and is a simple, engaging way to get a ton of articulation trials. Hide the 10 yetis around the room and have your students find them. Each yeti corresponds to one target word- something the yeti ‘ate’. Your student must practice their word in order to “catch” the yeti! They will seriously have a blast with this resource!




○ 10 black & white yetis

○ Every target page is in black & white for easy printing

○ Blank target page

○ 1 target page each for phonemes (H, Y, W) in initial position



○ Print and cut out the 10 yetis (laminating optional).

○ Hide the yetis around the room.

○ Bonus: Give each student a flash light and turn out the lights!

○ Print the target page that corresponds to your student’s goals (or pull it up on your iPad).

○ Your students will “hunt” the yetis. When they find one, they match it to their target page. They must practice their target word in order to “catch” the yeti.

○ The game is over when every yeti has been captured.



This resource is copyrighted by Lindsey Hockel, MS, CCC-SLP, owner of ©Speechy Things™ . Purchase of this item is intended for use by a single customer and is not to be shared with other professionals. If someone is interested in this resource, please direct them to my store. You are, however, welcome and encouraged to send pages home with students as needed. Thank you for your support and understanding!

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