These cards make it so easy to cue your students and clear up vowel distortions. Each card includes the appropriate jaw height and lip shape to help you cue your students and achieve an accurate motor plan. With some basic instruction, parents can easily use these as well!



→ Please note: There may be some overlap in stimulus words in the diphthong cards and the long vowels included in this pack. I will do my best to give you variety!



○ Each card has verbal cues on the top right corner. I find that these cues for appropriate jaw height and lip shape are typically all that is needed to correct vowel distortions. The cues are further explained in the download.




○ Vowels Included: both long & short forms of A, E, I, O, U as well as “oo” (as in “book”)

○ Diphthongs Included: “OU” (as in “couch”), “AI” (as in “eye”), “OI” (as in “boy”), “EI” (as in “day”), as well as Y & W words

○ Each vowel/diphthong has 18 stimulus cards

○ Every card has: word, picture, IPA vowel symbol, cues for jaw height and lip shape

○ Color AND black & white version of every card

○ The Diphthong pack includes 6 bonus cards for words containing 3 separate vowel shapes (ex: “wow”)




○ For no prep / no print : pull the pdf up on your device

○ Print and/or laminate (either the full page for a “smash mat” variation or as individual cards)





○ “This resource is amazing! Thank you for making this and saving me time!”

○ “This is exactly what I was needing! I love that you have provided a guide on how to cue/demonstrate for the child!”

○ “Such an amazing resource, especially for my students with apraxia!”






This resource is copyrighted by Lindsey Hockel, MS, CCC-SLP, owner of ©Speechy Things™ . Purchase of this item is intended for use by a single customer and is not to be shared with other professionals. If someone is interested in this resource, please direct them to my store. You are, however, welcome and encouraged to send pages home with students as needed. Thank you for your support and understanding!

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