So you need to elicit the R sound? Goodness that can be a PAIN, especially in this digital world we’re living in. Eliciting R Boom Cards is a simple program that includes activities, visuals, and video examples that take you step-by-step through foundational skills, establishing common vocabulary and awareness, selecting bunched or retroflex R, tons of elicitation strategies, and 5 quick drill activities to solidify the motor plan once you’ve achieved the R sound. It even includes quick brain breaks so there’s no need for games or extraneous activities to take time away from making progress.



↠ Please note:

If you own Teaching R, there is an overlap between the two resources, but that are intended to each be their own stand-alone resource. Please read the detailed descriptions and watch the preview videos for both resources if you would like more information on the differences. If you still have any questions, I’m happy to help! You can leave questions on TpT, DM me on Instagram, or send me an email at [email protected].


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● Throughout the resource, you will find

  • Brain breaks (jokes, riddles, interesting facts, movement breaks, and conversation topics)
  • Video demonstrations
  • Visual supports
  • Detailed instruction for motor planning
  • Support for the principles of motor learning

● “Getting Started” Section

  • Intro to the R sound
  • Explaining the variations of the R sound
  • Generating R words
  • Self-correcting R true/false
  • Sorting activity (R vs W vs L words)
  • Auditory discrimination activity
  • Front/back concept pre-check
  • Label your “R Machine”
  • Oral awareness activities: (tongue: up/down, wide/skinny, flexed/relaxed) (lips: rounded/relaxed)
  • Activity for tongue/jaw dissociation and awareness

● Stimulability Section

  • Determining bunched vs retroflex
  • Stimulability activity (prevocalic, vocalic, blends)

● Elicitation Strategies Section

  • For any form of R
  • For retroflex R
  • For bunched R

● Quick Drill

  • 5 open-ended, 10 trials each (just double production for 100 trials)




“I was able to elicit an R in the first two sessions using this resource. The visuals are great and the method is super helpful!”

“This is a very comprehensive tool. Love the videos and that it shows both types of /r/. I will use this all the time. Thank you!”

“This has great videos for children to see the tongue placement.”

“Great visual examples and verbal explanations for a sound that can be very tough for kiddos to learn. Very useful resource!”





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This resource is copyrighted by Lindsey Hockel, MS, CCC-SLP, owner of ©Speechy Things™ . Purchase of this item is intended for use by a single customer and is not to be shared with other professionals. If someone is interested in this resource, please direct them to my store. You are, however, welcome and encouraged to send pages home with students as needed. Thank you for your support and understanding!

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