Navigating the LoveTpT Sale

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Try not to freak out… but EVERYTHING ON TPT IS 28% OFF FEBRUARY 7-8. If you’re like me and perpetually have at least $100 of amazing things you want to buy in your cart…. this is your lucky day.

** PSA: Be sure you leave feedback on all previously purchased products! This will give you “points” that turn into MONEY (no quotation marks there) that you can use at checkout on any TpT product. Do not give up free money! **


Here are a few things I have my eye on:


Self-awareness is incredibly important for our students who have difficulty with socials skills. This product helps them navigate those choppy social waters AND includes parent/teacher rating forms so everyone is on the same page.



This is too cool and any product that sneaks in the poo emoji has to be a winner. Help your kiddos get control of that floppy little soft palate with these awesome exercises.



Not only do I love “following directions” activities to target following directions (duh)- but I love to double-dip by targeting past tense verbs and wh- questions! (“What did you just do? Where did X go?”)
The possibilities are endless with gems like this.



Another product that is fabulous for both in therapy and a take-home sheet! Help your kiddos get some great artic practice and generalization in with these sound-loaded scenes. You can also use these to target prepositions and wh- questions. I’m all about that “two birds (or three or four), one stone”!



Now I’m not saying holidays are an excuse for me to coast through therapy and give my brain a break… but I am not mad about a good no-prep product. Thank you thank you thank you. How cute is this!? And how perfect is this for homework!?



Also making its debut in this sale is my very own labor-of-love:
Slide1.jpgIdioms are too fun for me not to do hours of research and creating to bring you this baby. 42 idiom origins you never knew you needed to know! Including tons of silly clip art depicting the idioms’ literal meanings and lots of worksheets.


And there you have it. My cart runneth over. Happy shopping, y’all!


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