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A download link should have been sent to you within minutes of purchase. If it’s not in your spam folder, you can try accessing it through your account here:

TpT purchases are housed on and can be access via your “My Purchases” page at this link:


Please be sure to type or copy/paste the password EXACTLY as it is case sensitive. It also will not work if there are any extra spaces. 

If that doesn’t work, you may need to try using a different internet browser or deleting the cookies from my website and trying again.


Thank you for your business!

If you purchased the resource from Teachers Pay Teachers
Go to your purchases to re-download the updated resource for free.

If you purchased your resource from
Please email [email protected] with what resource you need the update for, your first and last name, as well as the email address you used to purchase. I will regenerate your download link and send it to you ASAP!

When you purchase a Speechy Things resource, you purchase a single license to use for YOUR caseload. You may share portions of resources with caregivers and teachers for the purpose of carryover. However, please do not email, print, or upload the resource so that it may be used by other professionals. 

If you have a specific question, please feel free to email me! I always appreciate being asked and am happy to work with you as much as possible. 

[email protected]

There are a couples of fixes you can try:

1. Try updating Adobe if you’re using it as your pdf reader.

2. Select “print as image” in your printer settings.


If you are still having trouble and you purchased the resource on TpT, reach out to TpT support as they are fantastic at troubleshooting for specific printer and computer configurations.

1. open the PDF
2. select “File”
3. select “print”
4. change the printer to “print to pdf” or “Microsoft print to pdf”
5. select the page or pages you want to send
6. click “print”



Please be sure to open the Special Interest resource in the most updated version of Adobe, as described in the product description and the “how to use” page of the resource.


You may also want to double check that you are opening the resource in Adobe and not your internet browser.


If it’s still giving you trouble, please email a photo or video of your screen to [email protected]

Please be sure the network you are using allows you to use Vimeo, as that is where the Video Artic Card videos are hosted. You may need to contact your workplace’s “tech person” for help.


If you are getting a message regarding “privacy settings” on your iPad, the issue is with the Boom Learning app. Try opening the deck in a browser such as Safair or Google Chrome. I am still waiting for Boom to get back to me with a solution for this issue.

Teaching R is a downloadable PDF that serves as a “program” for teaching every variation of R- from vocalic, to prevocalic, to R blends. This resource is being updated to include video demonstrations to help parents understand the included activities for carryover.

Eliciting R is a boom card deck that takes you through a wide variety of cues to elicit the R in any of its forms. It is not a specific program, only a starting point for those tricky kids. This resource contains close-up video models of a mouth producing the R sound- both bunched and retroflex.


I will add to this FAQ over time. You are welcome to contact me with further questions (email: [email protected]). I appreciate your patience as Speechy Things is a one-woman show. I will do my best to get back to you ASAP. Thank you!

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