How to Explain the COVID-19 Quarantine to Kids: Helpful Free Coronavirus Social Stories, Narratives, and Videos

This is all so weird, right?

And it’s not going away.

And even as a fully grown adult, I am still trying to process all this Coronavirus quarantine madness. I can’t even imagine how some of my speech therapy students must be feeling.



I recently asked on Instagram if anyone could recommend a good Coronavirus Social Story to help my students and WOW. You guys. Our SLP community is amazing. I was so impressed at the response I wanted to share with everyone and create a “round-up” so it’s easy for you to find and direct families toward. I’ll keep this short and will add resources as I find them so bookmark this page. These are in no particular order.



Autism Little Learners Printable: “Coronavirus: What is it?

Helps make sense of the quarantine and different precautions people are taking.


Little Puddins Printable: “What is the Coronavirus?

It has tons of visual supports included to explain the quarantine. Just scroll down a little and click the big red box.


Dana Hearnsberger Printable: “A New Germ

Told from the perspective of the (kinda cute) new germ. It’s comprehensive and goes into a little bit of a higher-level explanation, in my opinion.


UM-NSU Youtube Video: “Let’s Talk About The Coronavirus

A little fast paced, but goes quickly. Helpful for reminding kids about social distance and covering their mouth. Doesn’t go much into quarantine.


Carol Gray Printable: Watching a Pandemic on Television

This was posted on Autism Level UP, my new favorite Facebook Page. I definitely suggest you go “like” them.
This story goes into what’s real and what’s not. Just because something’s on TV, doesn’t mean it’s in your house.


Carol Gray Printable: “COVID-19: I Can Help!

Yet another story from Carol Gray. Check out her website if you want to join her FREE Social Stories Clubhouse.
Empowers kids to do their part and goes into some explanation of the virus.



I hope this list is helpful to you. I promise I will continue to do everything I can to support you during this time. In that spirit, here are a few more helpful links if you need them:

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Okay. That is as short as I could make this! You know how hard it is for us SLPs to stop talking.

Stay well, my incredible colleagues! THANK YOU for continuing to do everything you can to support your students and their families. We are facing incredible stress, uncertainty in quite an unprecedented and, frankly, impossible situation. All we can do is our best and that’s okay.

This too shall pass.

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