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10 Homework Ideas for Before R Elicitation: What You Can Send for Home Practice TODAY, Even Before Your Student Can Correctly Produce the R Sound

We all know it can take a session or two (or twenty) before students finally get the “R” sound for the first time. It can be so tempting to just skip sending homework before they’ve nailed down correct tongue placement in therapy… but that is a lost opportunity. There are a lot of “pre-learning” and foundational skills we can target both before and during the elicitation phase of “R” therapy. Not to mention, it does not set a great foundation for expectations surrounding home practice. But like… what on Earth are we supposed to send home? We can’t have them

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We all know it can take a session or two (or twenty) before students finally get the “R” sound for the first time. It can

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Let’s talk about coarticulation. In my humble opinion, it is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to treating articulation disorders, particularly for

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I recently hosted the third annual Rock the R Week – a series of Instagram Lives featuring R-related discussions with incredible guest speakers. This is

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I have so many blog posts focused on R Assessment in my drafts and it’s high time I started knocking some of them out. I

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Why SLPs Should Be Open-Minded about The Food Children Eat in Feeding Therapy

We all have an idea about what is “healthiest” when it comes to food, right? Words like “organic” or “whole” may come to mind. There are all sorts of philosophies, diets, and trends that tell us what is best for our bodies. The question is, should we cling to our beliefs about “health” when it comes to feeding therapy? I’m making an argument for… NOPE!

Or, at the very least, do so with caution. Here’s why…

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Hi! I'm Lindsey!

I’m a pediatric SLP who specializes in the R sound. Fun fact- I actually used to dread the R but after dedicating a lot (like… a lot a lot) of time to researching and troubleshooting… I now love it! So much, in fact, that I currently spend my days treating “R kids” via my private practice and creating R resources and continuing education for SLPs via Speechy Things. I’m so glad you found me! Let’s “Rock the R” together!

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