Teaching Pronouns with Snuffleupagus

This will be short and sweet: "Snuffleupagus woke up early in the morning and brushed Snuffleupagus's teeth. Then Snuffleupagus made a cup of coffee to help start the day off with a bang. Next Snuffleupagus got on the train to visit some family. On the way, Snuffleupagus met a new friend. After talking for hours, Snuffleupagus finally arrived at Aunt [...]

Let’s Talk Visuals

My biggest takeaway from my internship in a public school was the use and value of visual supports. My supervisor was the visual QUEEN and while I didn't fully understand why at the time... I certainly do now. The way I see it, there are two major reasons you should consider using visuals in therapy: If [...]

Quick Artic : Activities for Articulation Therapy

I have a little box I keep in my room filled with quick activities that are low-prep and fast to complete. I like to use them to break the monotony that sometimes characterizes articulation drill work. Several of them also work well to give kids little brain breaks during evaluations. Here's a tour: . Classic Games I [...]