Strategies for Unfamiliar Words

So our kids are reading their class book or listening to NPR (that's what kids do for fun nowadays, right?) and they come across a word or phrase they don't know. Do they... A. panic B. ignore C. figure out the new word Even though we WANT the answer to be C, the reality is they [...]

Let’s Talk Visuals

My biggest takeaway from my internship in a public school was the use and value of visual supports. My supervisor was the visual QUEEN and while I didn't fully understand why at the time... I certainly do now. The way I see it, there are two major reasons you should consider using visuals in therapy: If [...]

Teaching Retroflex R

I have so so many R kids on my caseload right now. Which sometimes makes my head feel like jelly and sometimes I secretly enjoy. (keep that between us- I don't want our schedulers to send me every R kid)   For my sanity, I began to develop a systematic approach to teaching the R. Before [...]