Building Confidence in Your Communicator

photo credit: Ben White via Sometimes we get a little human who is painfully shy or perhaps just flat out unwilling to speak. I am not talking about a language disorder. I am talking about those kids who have something to say, but are not saying it for whatever reason. I particularly run into this with my [...]

Parent Roadmap to Therapy : Keeping Families in the Loop

Photo By: Sylwia Bartyzel via Think back to (insert number here) years ago when you were a young therapist. Now take it back to your CFY... and then grad school.. and then undergrad... and then back to a day before you knew anything about cueing hierarchies, Brown's stages, or the alveolar ridge. That is where most [...]

Strategies for Unfamiliar Words

So our kids are reading their class book or listening to NPR (that's what kids do for fun nowadays, right?) and they come across a word or phrase they don't know. Do they... A. panic B. ignore C. figure out the new word Even though we WANT the answer to be C, the reality is they [...]